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Personal Injury/Auto Accidents


If you or a family member were injured in an accident, get experienced legal representation immediately from Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer Barry J. Diamond. Be sure to call Barry before you discuss your accident or injuries with anyone other than your doctor. In particular, do not talk to insurance company representatives, they only want to protect their company and keep payouts to a minimum.

Attorney Barry J. Diamond

Dealing with insurance companies takes an experienced attorney.  When an insurance company delays payments or refuses to settle, Barry Diamond takes them to Court. He knows that insurance companies do not care about you or your interests, but he does. With legal representation from this experienced Personal Injury Attorney, you have an excellent opportunity to collect and maximize full compensation.

Typical Personal Injury claims include some very expensive bills, including:

  • Medical Care, Surgery, Hospital Bills
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Nursing Home Expenses/At Home Nursing Care
  • Special Equipment
  • Work Income Loss – temporary or permanent
  • Disability Expenses
  • Loss of Companionship, Guardianship, Future Inheritance
  • Wrongful Death – Funeral, Burial Expenses

There is no reason you or your family should suffer financial hardship in addition to your bodily harm and suffering when you are hurt in an accident. Product defects that cause accidents, inattentive attention by another driver, road hazards and other problems cause physical, mental and emotional harm when an injury results from negligent behavior. Find the justice you deserve by putting our legal professional on your team immediately.

Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer

Many things contribute to accidents caused by negligence. It takes a legal pro to examine all evidence to determine the causes of such accidents. There may also be multiple responsible parties, such as when a defective part reaches the public and causes injury. A product seller, manufacturer, builder or designer may bear part or full responsibility for the injuries. Our Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer will examine your accident facts and dig deep to help you recover compensation.

Experienced Maryland Legal Representation

Attorney Barry J. Diamond has over thirty years of winning trial experience for clients with personal injury claims. He has helped clients win cases in Circuit Court, District Court and throughout Maryland. He wants to help get the fair compensation you or your family deserve, so everyone can move forward again, without undue financial hardship.

Contact Attorney Barry J. Diamond at his Baltimore, MD, law office today to discuss your Personal Injury case. Call now, at (410) 727-7642 or 1-800-229-9006.

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